Category 4 presets and textures, reflections.

Improvements presets for laytrum collected only the best presets from all the new pictures of me!
You can easily and quickly, and most importantly accurately process your photos!
+ Video instructions on how to correctly apply my lightroom presets.
+ Video instructions on how to download lightroom presets.
1) Art natural light as much as 43 presets 📌 $ 50
2) Natural color wedding as much as 44 presets 📌 just $ 50
3) Night light, low light, video light as much as 27 presets 📌 just $ 40
4) Сurves art, Curves natural 36 preset tone curves 📌 just $ 35
Each preset is universal.
  • Preset

    Preset – is a saved set of settings, such as: white balance, exposure, curves and the others, which you can apply to photos in one-click of the mouse and immediately get the result. 
    This video instruction will show you how to use my presets 
    I invented a convenient system for the use of my presets 
    There are five folders, three of which are Presets, and two folders consists of tone curves. 
    On each folder is written in what style will be your preset, that will help you to change your coloring and combining different color schemes presets of color