HIPA Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award

2 place in the international competition HIPA.ае in the category Digital Manipulation

 نبارك للفائز بالمركز الثاني في محور التلاعب الرقمي 
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Furthermore, in recognition of the great technological leap that has allowed photographers to develop new skillsets in the editing and manipulation of photographs, HIPA has opened the door wide open for photographers’ imagination through the launch of the Digital Manipulation category. Finally, the General Category will continue to be a space for pure creative photography that breaks all formats and norms, offering photographers the opportunity to freely sail on their own journey of discovery where no one else has been – whether in black and white or coloured photography.


Thus, creativity and innovation are open to you on different platforms, and wherever your talent lies you have the opportunity to create a work of art you can truly be proud of.