The wonderful world of people Dmitry Rogozhkina [35AWARDS 2015, TOP100]
Dmitry immediately agreed to the interview. Winner fotopremii 35AWARDS in the nomination "The Man." Even our rather extensive list of questions he was not scared, talked about his work with enthusiasm and bright - as well as photographs, paints and lives. It is therefore not surprising that his works have been awarded in the nomination "The Man", take a look at them - they are living images of real people, our contemporaries with you.

"Interview. Dmitry Rogozhkin. Photographer ?"

Dmitry Gusev:
 15/10/14 Our guest is Dmitry Rogozhkin - I think looking at his work, you will understand why.
Trying to describe his emotions, I'm a little confused in his mind, and as a result lose consciousness, but even so I will try to bring them a little.
A very different approach, great composition and well thought-out frame, to say nothing about the treatment.
So we learn from Dmitri, a dick he is so cool and try to take away his part of the talent.